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Shower Steamers 4 pcs per set

RM 15.00
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4 pieces shower steamer per box. 

Each tablet/disc weight around 50g.

How to use:

Place 1 disc on the shower floor

Lets water drizzle on it while showering

Enjoy a therapeutic aromatherapy while showering

Currently offering 3 types of EO blends,

Please choose blends A, B or C. 

(A) - - 🌿 Stuffy nose - Eucalyptus and Peppermint 

(B) - - 🍃 Rise and shine - Lemon and Spearmint (children + pregnant ladies friendly) 

(C) 🌸 Sleepy head - Lavender (children + pregnant ladies friendly) 

Kindly remark in comments during check out on which EO blends for the 4 steamers you would like to have.