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Rose Water / Rose Hydrolate 30ml spray

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30ml spray bottle.

Freshen up your face and body any time of the day by spraying as necessary.

Pure Rose hydrolate from rose flower distillation. Only added preservatives for longer shelves lives and can be kept at room temperature without refrigiration during usage.

🌹 Maintain skin pH balance especially after cleansing with bar soap.
🌹Ideal for naturalist looking for 100% natural nourishing face toner
🌹 Helps remove residual dirts and oil; preparing skin for optimal hydration.
🌹 Revitalising and toning your skin.
🌹Anti-inflammatory, reduce puffiness and soothes irritation.
🌹100% natural and perfume free (unscented)
🌹 Suitable for all skin type

For external use only as its contains minimal preservatives which not suitable for consumption
(Untuk kegunaan luaran sahaja)
Rose Hydrolate, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Phenoxyethanol