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Natural Hair Oil 10ml

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Oh So Soft Hair Oil

10ml per bottle

✅ For dry and damage hair

✅ Reduce itchy scalp

✅ Improves hair growth

✅ Reduce hair fall

How to use?

Apply after shower. No rinse required.

Towel dry hair 

Drops 2-3 drops oil onto your palm and massage your hair n scalps. Start with a little oil first. Then only add when required. if not your hair will feel too oily.

Move your finger through your hair to spread the oil.

Style your hair accordingly.


🌸 Sweet Almond Oil 

helps restore natural oil protective layer on your hair which will assist in reduce of hair breakage and split ends

🌸 Avocado Oil 

contain high monounsaturated fatty acid. Moisturized, nourished and strengthen hair strands.

when massaged into scalp its stimulatrs blood flow to hair follicles - stimulates new growth and healthier hair

🌸 Castor Oil

Contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acid.

Better penetration to hair follices and promote hair growth

🌸 Lemon EO

anti-fungal properties which helps maintain healthy scalp

🌸 Spearmint EO

Cooling menthol reduce itchiness and dryness.

Stimulates hair follices and increase blood flow - healthy hair.

🌸 Rose Geranium EO

Strengthen hair follices and strands