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20g Natural Lotion Sticks

RM 25.00
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Lotion Stick

Its a lotion
Its also a perfume
Small size easy to carry in your small purse
🌹If you have dry skin, try this lotion.

🌸 Uscented is suitable to use from Newborn.
🌸 Relief itchy skin and insect bites.
🌸 Oil base lotion (virgin coconut oil) with beewax - moisture locked longer in your skin to continue moisturizing it.
🌸 Mango Butter soothing your skin, it offers anti-inflammatory properties that can treat inflamed, dry, itchy skin caused by eczema or psoriasis.
🌸 Vitamin E an anti-oxidant and its helps to repair damaged skin

🌹As a solid perfume

🌸 Come with fruity floral / Oriental Spicy / Its Summer fragrance.
🌸 Rub on your skin and enjoy a nice smelling fragrance which lasted throughout the day.
🌸 Alcohol free. Boleh dibawa bersolat

20g per tube